What does the word respect mean?

1. a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

2. due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.
According to the dictionary definition, there are two forms of respect; that which is merit-based and that which is founded in empathy, kindness and *basic decency* toward others.

When we say, #respectHERgame, which type of respect are we referring to?

Some people only show respect to other players that excel at disc golf. How does this mindset ultimately play out for women, age-protected players and juniors in disc golf?

Some people only show respect for others when they are given it back. How does this type of “conditional” respect apply to disc golf? Should we respect those that do not reciprocate? If we expect to be respected as human beings, then should we also give respect even if we are not given it back?

“Losing respect for someone” is a familiar phrase. Can all respect be lost or just one type? Can you offer basic respect to someone, but still not respect them for other reasons?

Situational examples

Scenario #1

You and a local grandmaster female are playing a casual round. You come across a large group teeing off at the next hole. You ask to play through and they begrudgingly agree. You throw a pretty good shot, but your friend misses her line and shanks it into the rough. The group watching starts to snicker and whisper. What do you do?
  1. Give them a dirty look and post about it on the #RHG page
  2. Snap back informing them of how great of a player your friend is and how rude it was for them to laugh at her missed shot
  3. Have a private conversation with your friend, expressing to her how much you appreciate her company
  4. Loudly express (in earshot of the large group) how much you love to play with your friend because she is such a great sport and is always fun to be around, even when she throws a bad shot.
  5. Other

Scenario #2

You are playing in a large group. You are getting frustrated because other players keep walking off the tee pad before you’ve thrown, walking ahead of you when you’re trying to throw your approach shots, and moving around while you’re trying to putt. You are not playing well because you feel disrespected. What do you do?
  1. Play with different people next time
  2. Yell at the perpetrators each time they are discourteous
  3. Stand and wait with your hands on your hips until someone realizes it’s your turn
  4. Engage in a calm conversation with your card mates at the next tee pad expressing your concerns and teaching them how to be a good card mate
  5. Other

Calls to action

Be a real life positive example of showing respect for all players based on the universal right of everyone to participate in and enjoy disc golf at whatever level they choose and is possible for them.

  • Give an example of behaviors that make you feel disrespected on the course?
  • How can you show others respect? What can others do, to show you respect?
  • Give an example of how you plan to lead by example


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