Social media campaign


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The goal:

To flood social media with content of disc golfers supporting female players and taking a stand against harassment and bullying.


We invite all disc golfers to support this campaign to show solidarity and support to female disc golfers.

Action steps for women

Shoot a video of you throwing or putting or create a compilation of shots, and at the end of the video say: “Respect her game” or use graphics. Post this to Facebook and/or Instagram on Oct. 6. See sample videos:

Copy and paste the following caption when you post to social media:

I have more value than my appearance. I deserve to be promoted ethically in the media. I will not stand for bullying or harassment on the course or online. #respectHERgame

If you support women’s disc golf, please share this video to your channels so we can flood the online disc golf community with videos of empowered women throwing. Learn more:

If you’d prefer to post a photo to Facebook and/or Instagram, here’s an example of a photo you could take with example statements. Or feel free to write your own!

  • I am MORE than my appearance.
  • Stand up against sexism.
  • I will not tolerate bullying or harassment.
  • I don’t just throw far “for a girl.” I throw far.
  • “Sally” bangs putts. Be like her.
  • Listen when someone calls you out for being sexist.
  • Be inviting when you get paired with a woman for dubs.
  • Keep your eyes on my drive.
  • If I want advice on my form, I’ll ask.
  • Don’t comment on my appearance, I’m here to play golf.
  • Women’s disc golf matters.
  • I’m an athlete first.
  • Respect is par for the course.
  • Strong is the new pretty.
  • Fair play on the fairway.
  • Stop sexism in disc golf.
  • Empower women’s disc golf.
  • Women crush everyday.

Action steps for all

Use the graphics below for your Facebook and/or Instagram profile pictures and Facebook cover photo and keep them up until at least Oct. 13. You can also download them here.

If you’d like to use a frame on your Facebook profile picture instead of the above graphic, follow these steps. Search for the #respectHERgame frame in the search bar.

Share as many videos of women throwing to your feeds as possible using the hashtag #respectHERgame.

For the rest of the season, if you’re playing a tournament, wear a black shirt during Sunday‚Äôs tournament round to show your support of the #respectHERgame movement.